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The Madness

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The Madness Song Lyrics

Martin Guerre Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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The Madness
(Guillaume shows them how to kill. Everone is caught up
in what Gullaume is saying, but Pierre Guerre leaves.

A villager enters with Louison. Benoit screams in protest,
but Guillaume sets the scarecrow on fire.)
Come, dust and embers
Shouts dancing in the breeze
Come, who remembers where I last left Louison
(Benoit is left alone with Louison)
Come along, a scarecrow shouldn't cry, Louison
Come along, I'll dry your eyes, Louison
Like the trees, we'll be strong, like the trees, we'll belong
We'll pray for our day to arrive
You remember how we used to sing, Louison?
You remember how we loved the spring, Louison...
(The Catholics continue to kill the Protestants)
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