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The Last Witness Lyrics


The Last Witness Song Lyrics

Please your Lordship, lend an ear
You should see this musketeer
He wants to address the court
Looks impressive...and I thought
Judge Coras
Very well, show him in, let him speak
But my lord!
(Martin enters and stands on the platform)
Judge Coras
State your name
My name is Guerre...Martin Guerre
(Guillaume runs to look at him closer)
Can't you see by the look on his face, it's not him!
He's been sent by a devil, a demon, a ghost... Oh God, please!
Can't you see this apparition here is the imposter
He's been sent from hell to torment me
And at the same time would steal my wife and steal the name of Martin Guerre!
My lord, it's all a ploy devised by them
Pierre Guerre, when he found I was a Protestant hated me!
He never wanted me to inherit the land!
My friend, my friend, it's me, Martin
(he throws Arnaud the pouch they had on the battlefield in Flanders)
Judge Coras
Is there anyone here who can vouch for this man?
If there's anyone here I insist they come forward and speak
(Lubin measures Martin, Galoche measures his feet)
That's Martin, my lord, I should know, I used to work with him!
If you're asking me, sir, I know who I'd prefer
And the arm, look, it's neither too long or too short
And his feet are exactly the size that they ought
It's own flesh
Welcome home, Martin
Mme de Rols
Please forgive us, my son, you're back
Three Crones
Can you be sure Martin is back?
I have come for my name
I am Martin Guerre
Judge Coras
Bertrande, I call on you once again
You must condemn one of these men
(Catherine and Mme de Rols help Bertrande onto the platform)
Mme de Rols
Remember, dear, you're one of us
Remember Artigat, Bertrande
Martin, Martin...
What shall I do?
Did he lie to you?
He lied to us all
Martin, what shall I say?
You must condemn one of these men
Martin, what have we done?
Judge Coras
The time has come to tell the truth, only the truth
Tell us the truth
Judge Coras
Only the truth can help you now
(the villagers surround Bertrande, pulling her in all directions)
My Arnaud du Thil

Martin Guerre Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1999
The Last Witness Lyrics from Martin Guerre Soundtrack (1999). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)