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The Land of the Fathers Lyrics

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The Land of the Fathers

Martin Guerre Soundtrack Musical, 1999
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The Land of the Fathers Mme de Rols
Will she ever forgive me, what have I done?
Did they all have to die, can I live with this shame?
Father Dominic
For the deeds that were done in the name of our Lord
God have mercy on us
Did our faith lead us here?
Father Dominic
Did I do all I could?
They had children like us
Will our wounds never heal?
Lord, were we wrong to fight?
They turned from you
Lord, they were friends we'd known for all our lives
Father Dominic
Help us Lord, help us please
In the land of our fathers, we have lost more than hope
In the land of our fathers, will our village survive?
Will they stay?
Did they die for a reason?
Will we ever forget...can we learn?
We can never be certain what the future may bring!
In the land it is winter, but we hope and we pray for spring...
(The Protestants enter, with Martin and Benoit. Bertrande has her child in her arms)
May your journey be safe...may your child be strong
And one day I pray you'll return to your land
But my grief would remain, and my sorrow would grow
I must build a new life!
It is my time to go...
I have no need of land for the life I must live
With my child and my faith
I may learn to forgive
(the Protestants with Benoit leave, Martin escorting them out)
In the land of our fathers
In the home of our sons
But still we can pray
For our sons and our daughters
Villagers (overlapping with above)
Grow...pray...and hope...and weep...and hope...and laugh.. (?)
All Villagers
In the land there's a future
As the seasons will turn
It belongs to our children
Let the story survive to tell (?)
Grow...pray...and hope...and weep...and hope...and laugh.. (?)
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