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The Courtroom

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The Courtroom Song Lyrics

Martin Guerre Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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The Courtroom Villagers

From every corner, every street and field

From every hovel, every hut and farm

Call every witness willing to take part

Tell everyone the trial's about to start


There is no doubt my friends that we are right

Just tell the truth as we discussed last night

Leave your pitchforks in a pile

They're forbidden in the trial

Just be calm and dignified

Keep your fighting for outside


Come along, everyone, to the court

(they leave the stage)

(the Protestants enter)


We must stand by Martin!


We must stand by Martin!


Did he lie, can we trust him now?


He is not to blame, he shared our bread, and loved our Lord


If they condemn him, they will kill us all!

All Protestants

Fierce and bright burns the light

By that banner we shall march till morning

As we sing Hosanna into Bethlehem

(the entire village is in the courtroom, Catholics on one

side and Protestants on the other, Arnaud on the Protestants'

side. Benoit is pulled over to the Catholic side.)

Judge Coras

Let me make one thing clear before we begin

In the eyes of the law every man is the same

I'm not here to pass judgment on anyone's faith

But to find out if this man has stolen a name

(A witness platform is carried in. Bertrande, who is very

pregnant, is brought in. She tries to go to Arnaud but is


Who brings the case against this man?


(he stands on the platform)

I do, my Lord. Pierre Guerre.

Judge Coras

The accused, state your name.


(stepping on the platform)

My name is Guerre. Martin Guerre!

(the Catholics protest)


(pushing Arnaud off the platform so he can stand on it)

If justice finds he lived a lie, then justice says he has to die!

My lord!


Well justice says!


The only penalty is death


And justice needs


To strangle every lying prayer


The law demands


Justice, we want justice for us, justice

(the only penalty is death)

Give us justice now

My lord, to burn this simple strip of flesh

Judge Coras



To shed his evil from our hearts

Judge Coras


Call the first witness.

(Lubin stands on tthe platform)

State your name.


Me, I'm Lubin the tailor, I should know

I made and measured Martin's wedding suit

I tell you this man's bigger than Martin

He's broader now, of that there's no dispute


A kitten grows into a cat

Is that so odd, what's odd in that?

I'd been away for seven years


(he stands on the platform)

Me, I'm Galoche the cobbler, I should know that this man's

feet are smaller than Martin's

Answer that!


This swindler always made shoes overlarge


That's a lie!


That's why Galoche can always overcharge!


(she stands on the platform)

When he saw me, he could not recall my name


What I recall, Hortense, is that you were so drunk you had

forgotten it as well

(Guillaume steps on the platform)


Martin Guerre never loved Bertrande


He speaks the truth, I was too young to love

But who can say they're proud of all they've done?

Judge Coras

Where's the boy who first saw the stranger?

Let him speak

Don't be shy, come and take the stand

(several people help Benoit onto the platform)

You don't have to worry, boy

Just relax, tell the truth loud and clear

Everyone's looking to you
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