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Someone Song Lyrics

Martin Guerre Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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Someone who's kind and someone who cares

Someone who laughs and someone I can cry with

Someone who dreams and someone who dares

Who makes love as the night falls

And is there when the morning comes

I prayed for the day I would grow to be strong

I prayed for the day I would love and belong

He answered my prayers, who can say love is wrong?

(She reaches out to Arnaud, he comes to her and takes her hands)

Someone returned and someone reborn

Someone who's yearned to spend his years beside me

Someone who's vowed


See the light in her eyes


And someone who's sworn


Let the sun always rise


Husband to wife


With my/his heart, with my/his soul

For the whole of my/his life!

Someone I see

Someone I love

Someone who lives loving me...

(they embrace)

Judge Coras


Noble words, to be sure You speak of love

I, the law! In here nothing is above the law


My lord, I just wanted...

Judge Coras

No! Bertrande, not even love

Now the moment has come

You must all leave this place

There are words to be weighed

There are truths you must face

(Bertrande and Arnaud are separated)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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