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One By One

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One By One Song Lyrics

Martin Guerre Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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One By One Guillaume

(he is joined in the streets by other villagers and Father Dominic)

Friends, with the word of God as my witness, I saw Protestants, I swear

And then I saw Martin was with them, with the heretics and prayers

One by one, the devil's heard

One by one, they mock our lord

Do we let them tear our land apart

They will destroy us one by one!

Go out and get him, bring Martin and we will see the bastard die!

(the light torches)

Father Dominic

You cannot kill a man for his beliefs, although the man has lived a lie

Just one death and hate will grow

Once begun the blood will flow


If we don't stop them they will bring down every peasant man and child

Killing and raping without mercy till the whole land is defiled

Three crones

We believed them, gave them love

They betrayed the lord above



It's up to you to take this chance

Will you shed his blood for France?

(the villagers light torches; Guillaume pulls out his knife)

Working on the land that we're born to live for

Dying for the land, it's our sacrifice

Killing for the land, we must pay the price

Land to last, as it's passed, man to son

When it's done as planned

For the while (?), we will die for the Catholic land

(two men bring Arnaud in and hold him on the ground. Bertrande

is held away from Arnaud. Guillaume raises his knife and is about

to kill Arnaud when Benoit comes in and grabs Guillaume's hand)



Please! He's n-not Martin Guerre!

You can ask Louison on the day he came

She told me that he was called another name

(they let Arnaud up and the villagers stare at Benoit.

Bertrande breaks free and runs to Arnaud.)


Then who's the bastard that's been sleeping in her bed?

(he threatens Louison)

Tell us what he told you or your friend is dead


I can't remember


You'd better remember

(he rushes toward Arnaud and has to be restrained)

I'll kill the imposter, the bastard has lied!

Father Dominic

It's up to the law now, we'll see that he's tried

Get Pierre!

(Bertrande is pulled away from Arnaud and they are held at

opposite ends of the stage, while Guillaume is restrained

between them)
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