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Duty Song Lyrics

Martin Guerre Soundtrack - Musical, 1999
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Duty Father Dominic

We are here before our Lord, yet we do not serve him well!

Artigat, you must open your eyes!

There are Protestants all around, we must protect Artigat

(singing in Latin)

Every face I see

Man and child

Man and wife

Fighting for their land, for their faith, for their lives!

If we fail to fight, then we're damned, count the cost

(He takes Bertrande by the arm)

All it takes is one to forget then we're lost


Bertrande you have a duty to Catholics everywhere

To save the land of Artigat you must provide an heir!

(Pierre walks by, with Guillaume chasing after him)


Pierre, the time has come to listen to me

We know Bertrande must give us a child

To save our land


What more can I do?

If he comes back--


She must have it soon

If you choose me to marry her next

I'll give to you a good Catholic heir


You'll wed Bertrande, but you must agree

Her land, her child, remain with me!

(Pierre and Guillaume leave)


Bertrande, forget your husband

You know what you must do

We need an heir for Artigat

Bertrande, it's up to you

(Bertrande kneels before Father Dominic)


Every day, I pray for Martin's return, Father

Tell me what else can I do?

Father Dominic

I have spoken to the Bishop, Bertrande

He has found an answer to our prayers


If he has found Martin I promise

I will give Artigat an heir

Father Dominic

The bishop is prepared to grant an annulment of your marriage at last

So our land can be saved

You will give us a child when you marry Guillaume

(Guillaume comes to stand in front of her. Bertrande is surrounded

by the women. Guillaume kneels before her and the women force her

to kneel as well.)



Father Dominic

Marry Guillaume


I will never...

Father Dominic

This is your duty!


wed Guillaume!

Father Dominic

You have no choice!


Not for Catholics

Father Dominic

The bishop insists


Not for anyone

Father Dominic

Artigat demands


Not for the church

Father Dominic

I beg you Bertrande!

Bertrande (to her mother)

Not for you!

Father Dominic

You'll do as you're told!


And not for Artigat!

(The villagers cross themselves and then leave. Guillaume

walks around the kneeling Bertrande.)


Marry Guillaume, do your duty...

Marry Guillaume, do your duty...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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