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Bethlehem Lyrics


Bethlehem Song Lyrics

Bethlehem, Bethlehem
Look, a star shines over Bethlehem
East and west, all are blessed
(Bertrande joins the Protestants, Arnaud remains at a distance)
Love has found us as we pray before you
See the love around us, love of Bethlehem
There a stable was the altar table
For the feast, a manger
For priest, a stranger
Braying cattle for the choir
Singing praised to the new Messiah
(Bertrande goes to Arnaud and he joins in the singing)
Bethlehem, Bethlehem
Look, a star shines over Bethlehem
Fierce and bright burns the light
(Guillaue enters and lurks in the background, watching what is going on)
By that banner, we shall march till morning
As we sing Hosanna into Bethlehem
(the Protestants leave, Guillaume runs looking for Pierre)
Pierre! Pierre Guerre!
What do you want?
Please Pierre, I have some news about Martin
Christ, Guillaume, I've no time for this now, don't you know
I've got everyone here
But Pierre, Martin's not the man he seems
As I walked here tonight through the woods I heard voices in prayer
On my life, they were Protestants, Pierre
There was André and Catherine and then Martin Guerre
I don't need to hear these lies
You can ask Martin himself!
If you're lying..
Like the Protestant, Martin?

Martin Guerre Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1999
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