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Little Gossip Lyrics

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Little Gossip

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Little Gossip Sancho:
A little gossip
A little chat
A little idol talk of this
And that
I'll tell him all
The troubles I have had
And since he doesn't hear
At least he won't feel bad

When I first got home my wife Theresa beat me
But the blows feel very littely on my back
She kept missing every other stroke and crying from the heart
That while I was gone she'd gone and lost the nack!

Of course I hit her back, your Grace.
But she's a lot harder than I am!
And you know what they say, whether the stone hits
the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone... it's going to be bad for the pitcher.
So I've got bruises from here to my...

A... little gossip
A little chat
A little idol talk of this
And that
If no one listens
Then it's just as well
At least I won't get caught
In any lies I tell

Oh I haven't fought a windmill in a fortnight!
And the humble joys get duller everyday
Why when I'm asleep a dragon with his firey tongue a waggin'
Whispers, Sancho won't you please come out to play?

[Thanks to JagTheMoth@aol.com for lyrics]
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