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Driving Sideways

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Driving Sideways Song Lyrics

Aimee Mann
Magnolia Soundtrack - Movie, 1999
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Driving Sideways At least you know
you were taken by a pro
I know just how you feel
She talked a perfect game
deflecting all the blame
you took the jack
and changed the flat
and got behind the wheel--
now you're
Driving sideways
taken in by the scenery
as you're propelled along
And your companion
will not help you to navigate
for fear she may be wrong

And you will say
that you're making headway
and put it in overdrive
but you're mistaking speed
for getting what you need
and never even noticing
you never do arrive
cause you're
Driving sideways
if you roll down the window you'll see
you're where you don't belong
And your companion
will not help you to navigate
for fear she may be wrong

And you're powered by
the hopeful lie
that it's just around the bend
and when this, by default
comes screeching to a halt
let's hope that you
know what to do
to start it up again

Driving sideways
hitting scan on the radio
so she can sing along
and she'll sit
thinking you're going to handle it
until she's proven wrong
until she's proven wrong
until you prove her wrong
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