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Him, Them, It, Her

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Him, Them, It, Her Song Lyrics

Lucky Stiff Cast
Lucky Stiff Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Him, Them, It, Her Harry: Someone's taken uncle!
Oh my god! Who could have taken him?
Annabel: If we don't find him we both lose everything
Come on!
H: We're looking for a sweet old man
A: Very dignified
H: Wore a hat
Both: He'd be sitting in a wheelchair.
Man: Wheelchair.
H: Uncle's gray haired
A: And he's very quiet
H: Very, very quiet
Both: Uncle's in an awful plight
Have you seen him-
Rita: Them-
A+H: It-
Vinnie: Her-
All: Tonight?

Rita: I'm looking for an English man and his lady-friend
Him or her
A+H: and an uncle in a wheelchair
Falsetto: Wheelchair!
V: Dark-haired woman, armed and very crazy
A+H: and we're sick with worry.
R: They were in a hurry
All: I've been looking left and right
A+H: Have you seen him-
R: Them-
A+H: It-
V: Her-
All: Tonight?
Oooh if I don't find
H: Him
R: Them
A: It
V: Her
All: Soon
If I don't find
A: It
H: Him
V: Her
R: Them
All: Now

H: My chance of a lifetime will never come true
A: The home will be gone and my job will be too
V+R: My life will be over
All: There's just one thing to do
I'm looking, keep looking, we're looking,
and looking, still looking, who's looking? We're looking for a

A+H: Sweet old man, very dignified
R: Englishman. Terrified
A+H: Find an uncle in a wheelchair
Falsetto: Wheelchair
R: Wheelchair
Falsetto +Harry: Wheelchair

All: Think of going
R: Back to face the music
V: Back to Rita's husband
A: Back to unemployment
H: Back to being nothing
All: God I know the chance is slight
That I'll find-

H: Him
R: Them
A: It
V: Her
A: It
H: Him
V: Her
R: Them
All: Him, Them, It, Her
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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