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Finale Act Two (Good to Be Alive) Lyrics


Finale Act Two (Good to Be Alive) Song Lyrics

Harry: Do you think anyone else is coming through that door?
Annabel: I hope not
H: I'll just lock it then, shall I?
A: That would be a wonderful idea
H: Ms. Glick...
A: Annabel...
H: Annabel. You know this week is paid in advance
A: Yes
H: And I've got plenty of pocket money
And my uncle's infallible system for roulette
A: Yes
H: Well, I thought per- perhaps you. I mean, we.
Could... well, what I'm trying to say is. Ugh
Why don't you stay?
A: You mean, stay here for the entire week, sightseeing and gambling?
H: You might win something for the dogs
A: Yes, but there are only so many hours in a person's life
And to spend a week just enjoying oneself, well, I don't know
I mean there are certain things that take priority over
personal pleasure and responsibility's-
Harry: You can see the sun, shining on the sea
A: I'm not what you'd call a
spontaneous person or anything, though Harry
H: What a lovely sea, wouldn't you agree
A: I have no sense of humor,
and I'm not fun to be around in the morning, really
H: lovely little boats waiting at the shore.
We could learn to use them
A: I can't swim, I can't even doggy- paddle
H: Seagulls in the sky, people passing by
Worlds of things to try, how can you refuse them?
A: I uh... I- I do like seagulls.
H: Why not take a chance? Why not go for broke?
We'll sail out to see (we'll sail away out to sea)
Who knows what we'll learn, or when we'll return
Both: Lucky, aren't we?
H: It's all so strange
A: It's all so new
Both: And all so strangely overdue
But somehow being here with you, I know that I'll survive
Oh, it's good to be alive.

Lucky Stiff Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2003
Finale Act Two (Good to Be Alive) Lyrics by Lucky Stiff Cast from Lucky Stiff Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (20 votes)