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Bone Lyrics


Bone Song Lyrics

Oh you got soul, can it breath on its own
All alone while you linger with your finger on the trigger
How long will it live if you never bring it here

How long can you linger
While you watch it getting dimmer?

Now you've got a bone you can worry on your own
You can pick it you can bury it
Dig a hole that you can revisit and we're riding in the dark

In the backseat of a car it's so cold that we shiver
But we don't get very far and I don't know, anymore

Well we were, trying to go and now you've got a home
Can you live there all alone?
All alone in your head while your dreaming in your bed
And now that your clean do you know which way you lean?

All alone in your head can you remember what you dreamed and...

I don't don't know but memories are close We just go back and forth

[Thanks to Revin Floyd for lyrics]

Love Song for Bobby Long, A Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2005
Bone Lyrics by Thalia Zedek from Love Song for Bobby Long, A Soundtrack (2005). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)