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Heaven By The Sea (Reprise)

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Heaven By The Sea (Reprise) Song Lyrics

Love Never Dies Soundtrack - Musical, 2010
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Heaven By The Sea (Reprise) All: It's the last day of the season
And there ain't a single cloud
What a day to leave the city on a spree
Away from all the hustle and the bustle and the crowd
On a little slice of heaven by the sea

It's the last day of the season to indulge
(Forget the factory and the scrum)
To be rested and relaxed and fancy free
(One day more then back to work)
To flee from all the bother and the hassle and the noise

Man: With your lady

Woman: And your fella

Couple: And your kids and your umbrella

All: On a little slice of heaven by the sea
The surf, the sand, the breeze, the food,
The peace and calm, the restful mood,
Amid the sea and spray
The city falls away
The sun (the sun), the sea (the sea), the salty air,
The miles (the miles) of beach (of beach) with room to spare,

Man: And the pretzels

Woman: And the custard

Man 1: And the girls!
Man 2: The francs!
Man 3: The mustard!
Woman 1: And the tanning!
Woman 2: And the lotion!
Woman 3: And the pier,
Man 1: The beer,
Man 2: The ocean,

Woman: And the oysters,

Man: And the pickles,

Man 2: And the knockers,

Man 3: And the steamers,

All: It's a little slice of heaven by the sea

What a treat to get away
From the frantic and the fray
All the cluster and the fuss

To this placid little beach
Far beyond the city's reach
And it's only for us

What a joy to convalesce
From the city's wild excess
And forget it all like thus

On this sheltered little slice
Of a seaside paradise...

It's the last day of the season
So relax and have a beer
Hurry up, the summer's almost over...

[Thanks to fairytalerocker for lyrics]
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