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Always Song Lyrics

Melissa Schuman
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Always C: What do u do
What do u say
When the time cant
be replaced
Moments are real
Wish I was still
living yesterday
Where do I go
What do I do
When everything has changed
Know that its real
Way that I feel
I'll carry this love
with me Always

Came home from where I've been
But will it ever be again
Everytime I remannince my heart
is filled with joy
If only i could paint my face
I would color me in to stay
Sometimes life brings u no choice


Dont know wuts best for me
but i know my heart
will never leave
cause under neath this
sky I'll always have a
place to call home
Something bout this love
I found
It makes me see the
world diffrentley
What can measure the ways
that I've grown


I've become so much more
a person that i'de never
thought i could be
First time that i found
a true heart of me

C:'till end

[Thanks to lil_pinky_fo_sho@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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