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Supermodel Lyrics

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Supermodel Lyric

Taylor Dayne Lyrics
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Supermodel You better work.

You better work! [covergirl]
Work it girl! [give a twirl]
Do your thing . . . on the runway.

Work! [supermodel]
You better work it girl. [all the world]
Wet your lips and smile to the camera.

Work! [turn to the left]
Work! [now turn to the right]
Work! [sacher chanter] x2

And it don't matter what you wear.
They're checking out your savoir fair
And it don't matta what you do.
Cause everything looks good on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]


I see your picture everywhere.
A million dollar fairytale.
And when you walk into the room
You had everybody's eyes on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]

Linda, work
Naomi [she is fierce]
Christi [foxy lady]
Cindy [I can feel it]
Claudia [set on the cover]
Nicki [work that runway sweetie]

I have one thing to say: sacher, chanter, chanter, chanter,
chanter, chanter, chanter." x2


Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus

You betta work, work, work - supermodel
You betta work, work, work.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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