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My Own Best Friend Lyrics

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My Own Best Friend Lyric

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My Own Best Friend One thing I know
And I've always known
I am my own best friend
Baby's alive
But baby's alone
And baby's her own best friend

Many's the kind
Who told me he cares
But they were scratchin' my back
'Cause I was scratchin' theirs...

And trusting too
That's only for fools
I play the game
When I make the rules
And rule number one
From here to the end
Is I am my own best friend

I am my own best friend

Baby's her own best friend
Three muskateers
Who never said die
Are standing here this minute
Me, myself, and I...

Life is a school
I'll pass every test
If life is a game
I'll play it the best
'Cause I won't give in
And I'll never bend
And I am my own - best - frie-iend...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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