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Points of Authority

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Points of Authority Song Lyrics

Linking Park
Little Nicky Soundtrack - Movie, 2000
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Points of Authority Forfeit the game
Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame
Puts your name to shame
Cover up your face
You can’t run the race
The pace is too fast
You just won't last
You love the way I look at you
While taking pleasure
in the awful things you put me through
You take away if I give in
My life
My pride is broken
You love the things I say I’ll do-
The way I’ll hurt myself again just to get back at you
You take away when I give in
my life
My pride is broken
You like to think you’re never wrong
You want to act like you’re someone
You want someone to hurt like you
You want to share what you’ve been through
(You live what you learn)
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