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Dance With You

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Dance With You Song Lyrics

Solange feat. B2K
Like Mike Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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Dance With You De De De De De De

I've been watchin from across the room
Thinkin how I want to dance with you
See you movin on the dance floor
Makes me wanna dance with you even more
I like yo style your so confident
All the hatas call you airagant
I don't care what they say is true
All I wanna do is dance with you

I see you checkin me out
And I'm lookin at you so
Don't matter what brought yo stuff
Just make a move cause
On the floor you got it
And I got it to
I wanna dance wit chu
Daaaance with you

Gurl is funny how you are feelin me
Cause in my mind I'm think the same dream
Of how I wanna dance and move wit chu
To intimidated to avoid you\
I like yo vibe so baby gurl whats up
All the trickers say your stuck up
I don't care what they say is true
Cause all I wanna do is dance with you


You got it
You got it

(Lil' Fizz)
Its da same little cat dat came ta rock ya world
Its amazing what I do to these little gurls
Got em ditchen dey boyfriends dat talk around school
You ain't never met a 15 year old dude dis cool
Come on ma role wit me I'll make ya famous
Not a privledge to you but I know you wanna claim dis
Both round party dats singin of key of key of key

(Chorus 3x)

[Thanks to wilson4389@msn.com for lyrics]
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