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Joyful Noise Lyrics

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Joyful Noise Lyric

Let It Shine Cast Lyrics
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Joyful Noise Mmm
Sing with the voice of
Comfort and gladness
You give me joy

Hey, one, two, three, four!
Yeah, yeah
Say it like that, yeah
Hey, oh, oh
Sing with me now
Yeah, yeah

Singing is the way we
Way we celebrate
Freedom to express ourselves
In every single way
I can help but let out
Every song I feel inside
Do your dance, it's your chance
Let it shine

Sing of your love
Oh come make a joyful noise
Come and rejoice
Oh come make a joyful noise

I know you feel it
Jam rock soul
Joyful noise, givin'
This feeling I can't control
Way down, deep in my soul
Top let back when my beat down low
Turn it up no need to be under
The boom in my base will rock you like thunder
So make way for the joy when it rains
Down with the sound of the greatest in the game

Praise of your love
Oh come make a joyful noise
Come and rejoice
Oh come make a joyful
A joyful noise
Come make a joyful
A joyful noise
Oh come make a joyful
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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