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The Bargain Lyrics


The Bargain Song Lyrics

(Valjean and Young Cosette, hand-in-hand, approach the now empty inn, singing. They arrive at the inn)

I found her wandering in the wood
This little child, I found her trembling in the shadows
And I am here to help Cosette
And I will settle any debt you may think proper
I will pay what I must pay
To take Cosette away.
There is a duty I must heed,
There is a promise I have made
For I was blind to one in need
I did not see what stood before me
Now her mother is with God
Fantine's suffering is over
And I speak here with her voice
And I stand here in her place

And from this day and evermore

Let me have your coat, M'sieur

Cosette shall live in my protection

You are very welcome here

I will not forsake my vow

Take a glass

Take a chair

Cosette shall have a father now!

Les Miserables Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1987
The Bargain Lyrics by Les Miserables Cast from Les Miserables Soundtrack (1987). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)