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Achilles - The Breakdown Lyrics

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Achilles - The Breakdown Lyric

The Showdown Lyrics
Legion Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Achilles - The Breakdown We are too old to cry, too young to die.
We're bound to the promise of better lives.
We're bought and sold, content to know,
That we'll never have to fight if we do what we're told.
We are warrior sons but we run from a cause,
That brings freedom and purpose and hope to us all.
We would rather be a product of the world and it's whims,
Than have the world be a product of the force of our wills.

RISE. And at the sound of our standing the earth will groan.
RISE. And we will break their backs.

And we will stretch for days and miles and years,
Pulled across the fabric of our hopes and fears.
We'll pay the price, the sacrifice.
Rebels and angels, a storm on white light.

Earth shakers, life takers,
Passion and purpose makes men of us all.
The slow rotting, the cancerous fear,
The corruption, we put a stop to it here.

Brothers in arms to me.
RISE. And at the sound of our standing the earth will groan.
RISE. And we will break their backs with the weight of our will.

Give us insurrection.
Give us something to say.
Give us thirst for vengeance.
And we will break their backs with the weight of our will.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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