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Serious (Reprise) Lyrics

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Serious (Reprise) Lyric

Elle Woods and Warner Huntington III Lyrics
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Serious (Reprise) Warner(spoken):
I still can't believe you're here, back at UCLA I never would have guessed!
Sometimes i miss the old days
(singing) Those parties senior year I thought we ruled the world

You funneled all that beer
I held your head when
you hurled

We were like Gods back then
walking among common men
Tell me why can't it be
that way again?

Dreams don't just disappear
we could keep on dreaming them here


Like senior year but funner
You've got your future all planned

Yes I do, Guess I do

What if i'm standing there too?

Wait I'm not following you

I'm here cause I understand

Not sure I understand

I'm here cause I'm serious

Yeah right, you look real serious

[Thanks to Kelsey for lyrics]

[Thanks to Katy for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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