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Legally Blonde Remix

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Legally Blonde Remix Song Lyrics

Laura Bell Bundy, Kate Shindle, Company
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Legally Blonde Remix Vivienne (SPOKEN)
Maybe Warner saw a blonde who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman who doesn't have to.
I used to pray for the day you'd leave
swore up and down you did not belong,
but when I'm wrong then I say I'm wrong,
and I was wrong about you.
So Listen up!

I see no end to what you'll achieve,
that's only if you don't turn and run.
You've proved it to me now show everyone what you can do,
and you look great in dark blue.

Get back in the game, (Oooh)
back on the case, (Oooh)
take a good look at my face. (Oooh)
I'm not a fool, (Oooh)
and as a rule, (Oooh)
I do not Bond. (Never known her to Bond!)

But I see a star! (Ooh sha'la la)
You're my new muse, (Ooh sha'la la)
you've got the best friggin shoes. (Ooh sha'la la. Oooh)

Vivienne and Ensemble:
And you lit a fuse,
so go show 'em who's,
Legally Blonde.

Yes you lit a fuse,
so go show 'em who's,

Elle: (SPOKEN)
Sorry Vivenne, I'm never wearing that again.

Paulette: (SPOKEN)
Elle, honey, you're in the supply closet!

Elle: (SPOKEN)I know! I said I'm never wearing THAT again... I'm wearing THIS!
Back in the game, (Yes!)
back to the trial, (Yes!)
but I'm going back my style. (Back in her style)

Girls it's a fact, (Yes!)
When you're attacked, (Yes!)
Gotta respond! (Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta respond)

Hand me my dog, (Dog!)
hand me my bag, (Bag!)
and that American Flag! (Proud to be American!)

Nobody screws, (No?)
nobody who's, (Who?)
Legally Blonde!

Get on your feet 'cause she's Legally Blonde,
take to the street 'cause she's Legally blonde,
there's no retreat when you're Legally Blonde!

Dont be afraid to be legally blonde!
Join the parade cuz shes--

Elle's mom: (spoken)
Honey Look, she's leading a parade!

Elle: (spoken)
Mom and Dad?!

Elle's Mom: (spoken)
Get a picture!

Man: (sung)
Just one more piece cuz she's--

Ensemble: (sung)
Legally Blonde!

Man: (spoken)
Everyone say cheese!

Mom: (spoken)
No! say legally blonde!

All: (spoken)
Legally Blonde!

cuz shes legally blonde!
cuz shes legally blonde!
cuz shes legally blonde!

Delta Nu Girls: (spoken)
Omigod, ELLE!

Elle: (spoken)
Thanks Greek chorus, but i dont need voices in my head today!

Delta Nu Girls: (spoken)
Honey, its US, the girls from Delta Nu!

we came to see our president be legally blonde!

Ensemble: (sung)
you got a right to be legally blonde!
you gotta fight to be legally blonde!

Kyle: (spoken)
Paulette, ive got another package.

Paulette: (spoken)
Thanks, Kyle B. O'Boyle. Hey, what does the B stand for?

Kyle: (spoken)

(long musical break)

Ensemble: (sung)
Back in the game
back in the break

Brooke: (sung)
Get the hell outta the way!
Mr. you're fired!

Callahan: (spoken)

Brooke: (sung)
Guess who I hired?

Callahan: (spoken)

Brooke: (sung)
To represent me
You gotta be LEGALLY BLONDE!

Ensemble: (sung)(several times)
Legally Blonde oh yeah!
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