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Diamonds are Forever

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Diamonds are Forever Song Lyrics

Shirley Bassey
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Diamonds are Forever Diamonds are forever
They are all I need to please me
They can stimulate and tease me
They won't leave in the night, I've no fear that they might desert me

Diamonds are forever
Hold one up and then caress it
Touch it, stroke it and undress it
I can see every part, nothing hides in the heart to hurt me

I don't need love
For what good will love do me?
Diamonds never lie to me
For when love's gone they'll luster on

Diamonds are forever
Sparkling round my little finger
Unlike men, the diamonds linger
Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for

I don't need love
For what good will love do me?
Diamonds never lie to me
For when love's gone they'll luster on

Diamonds are forever, forever, forever
Diamonds are forever, forever, forever
Forever and ever
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