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DJ Krush feat Deborah Anderson

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DJ Krush feat Deborah Anderson Song Lyrics

Skin Against Skin
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DJ Krush feat Deborah Anderson The sun moves high above
Watching below all that moves so fast
Plus taking on a different game
A future that was built to last
I see your face light up my screen
You say hello but I can't
Hold you
Does this all feel somewhat for real with what no limits to us,
We can do

We're making such big steps
It's got me in a spin
Are we aiming too high
Of wanting to feel your skin against my skin, my skin, my skin

Neon lights are everywhere
Lighting up the crowded streets
It brightens up my floating bed
Where I lay myself to sleep
Did you receive the kiss I sent today
Up on the box in Time Square?
How I love the once and yesterday before it vanished into thin air


You're never really here
This is all a big mistake
My heart is feeling cold
I don't want to bake it
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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