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Dressing Them Up

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Dressing Them Up Song Lyrics

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Dressing Them Up [MOLINA]

Dressing them up

I love the dressing them up

The subtle tilt of a hat

Touches like that

Makes me the best of the lot

At dressing them up

I was the cream of the crop

The way I buckled the belt

Folded the felt

Helped me to get where I got

Before I got where I got!

I was the absolute top

For example:

Once I asked for a Balenciaga scarf

To stuff in a mannequin's purse

They told me, no one on earth will see!

I answered, no one on earth but me!

I stood my ground as no other dresser does

And darling guess what? Balenciaga, it was!

Dressing them up,

I was the creme de la creme

As I adjusted each hem

I keep on dazzling them

At my particular store

Which was the best in the town

You'd never catch them wearing a frown

Or catch them dressing me down

For my finesse at dressing them up

Raise that skirt, just an inch or two

Add some rouge, just a pinch or two

Start the fan

No, much gustier

Stuff that gauze

Make her bustier

Ooh! That frock, too much red in it!

I would not be caught dead in it

Well, they start out like hell

But I make them sell by

Dressing them up

From earrings down to their boots

In evening dresses or suits

Unlike some second rate fruits

At other second rate stores

Which can't compare to my own

You'll never catch them wearin a frown

Or catch them dressing me down

For my finesse at dressing them up!

I had the touch...

Thank you very much!
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