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Who Needs Money? Lyrics

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Who Needs Money?

Elvis Presley Lyrics
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Who Needs Money? Im on the right track for lots of kissin
So that old greenback, I wont be missin
All the greatest things in life are free
Who needs money, not me

Cash or credit, it doesnt matter
Long as my bank books keep growin fatter
Easy street is my favorite avenue
Who needs money, I do

Just pity all those millionaires they never can relax
Because theyre always worryin about their income tax
Why waste time on high financin, Id rather spend it on good romancin
What if my pockets are empty as can be
Who needs money, not me
Tell me about it

Some folks save it, some folks lend it
But as for me I want to spend it
Give me some green and my skies will be blue
Who needs money, I do

Stocks and bonds, they only bore me
Interest holds no interest for me
Who wants to sit in the lap of luxury
Who needs money, not me

When I go to bed at night instead of counting sheep
I start counting dollar bills and then I fall asleep

Making money never thrills me
Its making love that really kills me
What can I lose with my philosophy
Who needs money, not me

What do you want

I want a big yacht, I can cruise in
The kind that girls just cant refuse in
All it takes is a million or two
Who needs money, I do

Any time some gal starts flirtin
Now that Im broke I know for certain
She really digs my personality
Tell me, who needs money not me

Povertys the only thing that money cannot buy
So rich or poor it pays to have m-o-n-e-y

A gal whos tender, thats what I love

Its legal tender, I want a pile of
Just let my liquid assets overflow

You cant take it with you when you go
So, who needs money

That lovely, lovely money

Who needs money, not me
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