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Rhymes have I Lyrics


Rhymes have I Song Lyrics

Rhymes fine rhymes
Rhymes fine rhymes have I
Rhymes fine rhymes sweet rhymes have I
Rhymes fine rhymes sweet rhymes have I
Sly rhymes wry rhymes meet rhymes have I
To a world too prone to be prosaic
I bring my own panacea
An iota of iambic
And a tittle of trochaic
Added to a small amount of onomatopoia
Leis that sing with rhymes have I
Tupleis that ring like chimes have I
Happy rhymes like money makes you sunny
Spicy rhymes like virtue can hurt you
Learned rhymes the camel's a mammel
And others very various on matters multifarious
Like beard sheared burnoose loose stairs prayers musk kiosk
Minerat and parapet and many more that I'll beget in time
Rhymes have I rhymes have I I have rhymes
Rhymes fine rhymes true rhymes has he
Rhymes bright rhymes new rhymes has he
Thoughtful rhymes
Like Learning leads to earning
Truthful rhymes
Like drinking stops your thinking
Helpful rhymes
Like sinning is thinning
And others miscelaneous on matters more extraneous
(like crutch) clutch (look) hook (vagrant) fragrant (dervish) curvish (hone) won (caravan) afghanistan (dromedary) very hairy
(Very hairy???) Very Sorry!!!
Songs of sense and pertinence in reverence to all events and times
Rhymes have I (rhymes have I)
Rhymes has she
Rhymes has he
Rhymes have we Rhymes have we we have rhymes

Kismet Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2000
Rhymes have I Lyrics by Kismet Cast from Kismet Soundtrack (2000). Rating: 4.2/5 (21 votes)