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Gesticulate Lyrics

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Gesticulate Lyric

Kismet Cast Lyrics
Kismet Soundtrack - Musical, 2000
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Gesticulate When you tell a story
Amorous or gory
You can tell it best if you gesticulate

Suppose the mighty Sinbad
Meets a Djinn who's been bad
They can guess the rest if you gesticulate

A tongue is a tongue
And a lung is a lung
In a tale you can shout or sing
Without the gesture? Nothing!

Should Scherazade
Undulate her body
That can be expressed if you gest...
Can be assessed if you gest...
She'll be undressed if you gesticulate

If I tell you I was walking by the sea
and found a genie in a bottle, that's trite!

Right! For practically everyone has seen a genie someone had to throttle...in a bottle!

Right! But if I say the bottle was soooo teeny
And sooooo was the genie

Until with trembling hand, I pulled the cork
And threw the jug and covered up my eyes

And the smoke began to curl
And the smoke began to swirl
And it curled and it swirled
And it swirled and it curled
As higher it did rise
Till it was sooooo high
And soooo was the genie
Then two great arms reached down
And liftd me up, up, up
Into the sky

And we did fly, the genie and I
We did sail, did sail....

Is this a tale? This is a tale!
Are you impressed? We are impressed!

You see, you see, you seeeeee

For the facile finger
Listeners will linger
They will be impressed if you gest...
Applaud with zest if you gest...
If it's a question of a story, gory, Sinbad, Djinn bad, bottle, smoke, genie, arms, fly, high, sky..
I state, reiterate, gesticulate
With your hands!

[Thanks to Patricia for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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