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The Beginning Is The End Lyrics

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The Beginning Is The End Lyric

Company B Lyrics
Keating! Soundtrack - Musical, 2008
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The Beginning Is The End GARETH EVANS:
Now you've made it to the top
And the Bodgie is dislodged
Say a prayer for him and look
At the punches that you took
At the bullets that you dodged

As you walk up to the door
As you slowly turn the key
You will walk out on a limb
Where the bell that tolls for him
Is the one that tolls for thee

My friend, the beginning is the end
From the entrance to the bow
Your time starts now
My friend, the beginning is the end
Even now it lurks behind that door...

Gareth, Gareth, tell me more.

There's a spirit in the Lodge
Chills the marrow in your bones
And the ghostly voice you hear
It'll fill you full of fear
Even more than Alan Jones

You can hear it every night
Hear it echo in the halls
It's the company you keep
When Annita's fast asleep
And from deep inside the walls it calls...

My friend, the beginning is the end
So you think you know the way
Well may you say
My friend, the beginning is the end
So do not go gentle from that stage...
Maintain your rage!

Maintain your rage!

Maintain your rage!
Maintain your rage!
Maintain your rage!

[Thanks to Jess for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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