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Sweet Song Lyrics

Company B
Keating! Soundtrack - Musical, 2008
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I've been out there pacing
Bracing for defeat
Ready to be roasted
And I felt that demon heat
But I got lifted
When I thought that I would fall
Now this feels like the sweetest victory of all

Never felt too comfy
Up there on the top
I felt like Humpty Dumpty
And I was waiting for the drop
But I got lifted
I'm floating high above the wall
Now this feels like the sweetest victory of all

I thank my wife and son and daughters
My faithful supporters
You kept my team full of steam

I thank the people of the nation
For their validation
Keep on believing in the dream

You know that I've been wishin'
I had a second shot
Thanks to your decision
That's exactly what I got
And I got lifted
Now I hear my country call

We want Paul! We want Paul!

Now this feels like the sweetest victory
Now it seems like y'all wanna stick to me
Now this feels like the sweetest victory of all

[Thanks to Jess for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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