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Back Where I Belong Lyrics

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Back Where I Belong Lyric

Jula Bell Lyrics
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Back Where I Belong Back where I belong
Safely in your arms
All at once it came to me
Love's inevitability
You knew all this time
And hoped I'd see it too
The dream of love was just for fools
But still I fell for you
I could leave, well I might try
I could run away
But something inside draws me home
I'm hopelessly enslaved

Strange how the wind blows
In love you'll never know
But when it comes to you and me
It was always meant to be
So I say to you
Perhaps this dream is real
I give up, let fate decide
Throw up my hands, enjoy the ride
With you here right by my side
Back where I belong

[Thanks to Jane for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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Back Where I Belong Lyrics Jula Bell

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