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Weekend Jumpoff Lyrics

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Weekend Jumpoff Lyric

Kevin Michael Lyrics
Just Wright Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Weekend Jumpoff (Clutch)

I switch whips with my homie
But zip lips
Do my dirt on my lonely
Big light, blue bottle, some Vicki she can model
And a sack of that Kush, she be on it
And a room at the most remote Ramada
No credit card info, nada
Fresh change of the boxers, slacks and shirt
Then Monday morning it's back to work
(Here I go again tryin to)

Get one off
How do I do it
And not get caught?
Thought I'd cop a pass
With the gifts I bought
Give my girl everything
But what she want
I'ma tell my baby I'm sorry
I was all caught up in her body
So I hit that
But as soon as the week starts
I'm gonna shake my weekend jumpoff

(Can't get enough of my)
Weekend jumpoff
(Can't get enough of my)
Weekend jumpoff
Got me on some hide and go freak
Got your boy on the creep
Got a chick, but she do it for me
(Can’t get enough of my)
Weekend jumpoff

(Got my) options on the table
Where one lacks, one's willing and able
I make em smile, make em giggle
I'm all up in the middle
But I can't do right I gotta play em
Round and round, no stoppin me
See I just can't be it
I do my dirt between them sheets
Know a nigga need to stop
But I'm in too deep
(Now here I go again tryin to)



The question is when she gonna ask me where do I be (where I be)
Cause when the weekend comes she don't know where to find me
Basically I give her
One (more lie)
One (more plan)
Think of one more way
To make a way to my
Weekend jumpoff



[Thanks to Magi for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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