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Mr. Forever

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Mr. Forever Song Lyrics

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Mr. Forever Mr. right now's a grown man that acts like a boy when he sees the girls walking
And his only goal is to getcha, feeling like he's the one so in bed you'll end up
Do you know? Is he mr. right now or mr. forever, why? Is he mr.right now or mr. forever, why?

Hey, hey, hey mr., mr. forever
i want you mr., mr. forever

When mr.forever comes along you'll know
'cuz he'll just wanna get to know you that's all
And he'll be over the fake in the games girl he ain't playing, your love you should be saving for him i hope you waiting girl.
Is he mr.right now or mr. forever, why? Is he mr.right now or mr. forever, why?


Love is patient, love is kind
Love is bright open your eyes
Pay attention to the signs, really get to know a guy
First date if he's late go out with your girls don't wait
And if he wants you he will call, give it time and you will know
Is he mr.right now or mr. forever, why?
Is he mr.right now or mr.forever why?

(chorus)4 times

[Thanks to krissy for lyrics]
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