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Love Fell On Me Lyrics


Love Fell On Me Song Lyrics

I thought i had it all together
always a couple steps ahead
I knew the game of love like the back of my hand
But since you cast your spell
i haven’t been myself
Don't know my up from my down
or my right from my left

I'm scared while im happy
i miss you before you leave
You wouldn't recognise me now
I question where you're going
can’t hear a song without crying
I didn’t fall babe
Love fell on me

So what have I got to loose,
But not that I could choose.
You got me on a one track mind
My world is torn apart
The day you broke my heart
I belong to you ,there’s nothing I could do but love you


Repeat chorus

I didn’t fall babe,
Love fell on me.(3x)

[Thanks to caichocolateholic for lyrics]

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Love Fell On Me Lyrics by Shelea Frazier from Jumping the Broom Soundtrack (2011). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)