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Live It Up

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Live It Up Song Lyrics

Jeannie Ortega
Jump In Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Live It Up Live It Up

Come on
Live it, live it

Can't believe I made it to another day
Who woulda' thought that my life can take a turn this way
Sitting here thinkinng what I'm gonna do
Do I give up, not with everything I'm going through
But I won't cuz it isn't worth the time
Stay standing still, when without this I'll be doing fine
I must see past and remember it'll get better
Look up higher and just do my best

Not today, not now
I won't fall
So if you're feeling down
Why keep pressing on

Live it up, live it up, gotta live it up, live it up
Cuz it isn't worth your cries
Live it up, live it up, gotta live it up, live it up
Cuz the sun's gon' shine
Live it up, live it up, gotta live it up, live it up
Just let loose tonight
Live it up, live it up, gotta live it up, live it up
Let's make the best of life

The worst is done, so just let it free
Sing to your song and just feel the beat, oh, oh
Don't ever feel that it's wrong to dream
Just live it up, make it your party
Grab your friends, do the most that's right
Don't look back cuz you'll lose the fight
Shake it off if you feel the vibe
Do what you do
And let go tonight

Not today, not now
You won't fall
So don't bother feeling why
Keep pressing on


Hold your heart
Every beat means that you're meant to be happy
Don't lose yourself
And don't give up
All you gotta do is live it up

I got one life to live
And I'm gonna enjoy mine
They say it's too short to spoil so I'm livin'
It's up to me and I'm with it, I'm sizzlin'
Hot to God bless, I'm young, I'm gifted
So hey man can I get a witness,
I'm livin' it up like I'm live in a club
Gettin' it touch instead of gettin' it dubbed
Cuz I switched it,
This is the real little engine that could

Chorus (repeat)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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