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I'm Ready Lyrics

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I'm Ready Lyric

Drew Seeley Lyrics
Jump In Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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I'm Ready You think we're different
That we're worlds apart
I think that we're the same
Deep down, in our hearts

You think that I'm a fool
Don't know who you are
But you're wrong, you will bruise
If I win, if I lose

It don't matter what tricks you got up your sleeve
It don't matter whose house is who's on the street
All I know is I, I would give everything
Guess I'm ready, ready, ready
As I'm ever gonna be

Don't have the answers
For the questions yet
But if the dream is real
How bad can it get
This face you're looking at
You'll never forget
Stand tall in these shoes
If I win, if I lose


I'm ready (ready), I'm ready (I'm ready, ready)
For whatever (I'm ready, ready) life throws my way (I'm ready, ready)
Oh, I'm ready (ready), I'm ready for you (I'm ready, ready)
If I win, if I lose
It don't matter what you do

Chorus x2

[Thanks to Victoria for lyrics]

[Thanks to Jose Alberto Hernandez for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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