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Hiphopper Lyrics

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Hiphopper Lyric

Thomas Rusiak Lyrics
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Hiphopper You see me driving down the street
I look so f**king good (yeah)
Wer'e smokin' weed and doing dirt
in my Tommy Hilfiger hoodie (ha yeah ha yeah uh)
Were gonna keep talking bullsh*t about you
'cause nobody be frontin' me and my crew (me and my crew what, now to move on what)

Ref: Cause I'm a hiphopper yes I am ( yes I am what, yes I am uh)
Cause I'm a hiphopper yes I am (me and my crew what, now to move on what)

You see me wearing baggy jeans (baggy jeans huh, baggy jeans huh)
And my fat Tim stays on my feet (on my feet what, yeah)
I never smile when someone's around (huh, what)
I'm low key staying harcore (hardcore, hardcore uh)

I?m never listen at anything else (f**k that, f**k that uh)
but the hiphop that ya'll can feel (hiphop,hiphop uh)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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