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I'm Shakin'

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I'm Shakin' Song Lyrics

The Blasters
Jackass 3-D Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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I'm Shakin' When you touch my hand and you talk sweet talk
I got a knocking in my knees and a wobble in my walk
Yeah, and I'm tremblin' and I'm shakin'

When you take me in your arms and talk romance
My heart starts doing the St. Vitus' dance
And I'm pantin' and I'm shakin'

Early in the morning time, late in the middle of the night
Whenever this chill comes over me
I wanna hug you with all of my might
And, and I'm sweatin' and I'm shakin'

Chill and fever, I've been told
Makes your head spin around and your feet run cold
I got fever and I'm shakin'

Feel like I been run through the mill
I can't move around and I can't stand still
I'm so jittery and I'm shakin'

Samson was a mighty good man, strongest in his day
And then along came Delilah and clipped his wig
And it looks like you took me the same old way
So, I'm nervous and I'm shakin'

Storm rocks a ship on a sea, the wind shakes the leaves on a tree
I'm like a nervous wreck, I'm all shook up
And that's what you are doing to me
'Cause, 'cause I'm jumpin' and I'm shakin' and I'm jumpin' and I'm shakin'

Shakin', shakin', shakin', shakin', shakin', oh yeah, I'm shakin'
Shakin', shakin', oh yeah, I'm shakin'
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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