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Ever After

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Ever After Song Lyrics

Into the Woods Cast
Into the Woods Soundtrack - Musical, 1990
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Ever After Narrator
And it came to pass, all that seemed wrong
Was now right, and those who deserved to
Were certain to live a long and happy life.
Ever after...

Ever after!

Journey over, all is mended,
And it's not just for today,
But tomorrow, and extended
Ever after!

Ever after!

All the curses have been ended,
The reverses wiped away.
All is tenderness and laughter
For forever after!

Happy now and happy hence
And happy ever after!

There were dangers-

We were frightened-

And confusions-

But we hid it-

And the paths would often swerve.

We did not.

There were constant-

It's amazing-


That we did it.

But they never lost they're nerve.

Not a lot.

Narrator and company
And they/we reached the right conclusions
And they/we got what they/we deserved!

Not a sigh and not a sorrow,
Tenderness and laughter.
Joy today and bliss tomorrow,
And forever after!

I was greedy.

I was vain.

I was haughty.

I was smug.

We were happy.

It was fun.

But we were blind.

Then we went into the woods
To get our wish,
And now we're really blind.

I was perfect.
I had everything but beauty.
I had power,
And a daughter like a flower,
In a tower.
Then i went into the woods
To get my wish,
And now i'm ordinary.
Lost my power and my flower.

Florinda and lucinda
We're unworthy.

Florinda, lucinda, witch
We're/i'm unhappy now, unhappy hence,
As well as ever after.
Had we used our common sense,
Been worthy of our discontents,
We'd be happy.

To be happy, and forever,
You must see your wish come true.
Don't be careful, don't be clever.
When you see your wish, pursue.
It's a dangerous endeavor,
But the only thing to do-

Though it's fearful,
Though it's deep, though it's dark,
And though you may lose your path,
Though you may encounter wolves,
You mustn't stop,
You mustn't swerve,
You mustn't ponder,
You have to act!
When you know your wish,
If you want your wish,
You can have your wish,-
No, to get your wish

You go into the woods,
Where nothing's clear,
Where witches, ghosts
And wolves appear.
Into the woods
And through the fear,
You have to take the journey.

Into the woods
And down the dell,
In vain, perhaps,
But who can tell?
Into the woods to lift the spell,
Into the woods to lose the longing,
Into the woods to have the child,
To wed the prince,
To get the money,
To save the house,
To kill the wolf,
To find the father,
To conquer the kingdom,
To have, to wed,
To get, to save,
To kill, to keep,
To go to the festival!

Into the woods,
Into the woods,
Into the woods,
Then out of the woods
And happy ever after!
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