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Inutil Lyric

Kevin Lyrics
In The Heights Soundtrack - Musical, 2008
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Inutil KEVIN:
This isn't happening.
Inutil. Useless.
Just like my father was before me.
Inutil. Useless.
And every day
He cute the cane.
He came home late and prayed
For rain. Prayed for rain.

And on the days
When nothing came
My father's face was lined
With shame.
He'd sit me down beside him
And he'd say,
"My father was a farmer.
His father was a farmer,
And you will be a farmer."
But I told him, "Papi, I'm
Sorry, I'm going farther.
I'm getting on a plane.
And I am gonna change the
World someday."
And he slapped my face.
He stood there, staring at me,
Today my daughter's home
And I am useless.

And as a baby she amazed me
With the things she learned
Each day.
She used to stay on the fire escape
While all the other kids
Would play.
And I would stand beside he
And I'd say:

"I'm proud to be your father,
Cuz you work so much harder
And you are so much smarter
Than I was at your age."
And I always knew that she
Would fly away.
That she was gonna change
The world someday.

I will not be the reason
That my family can't succeed
I will do what it takes,
They'll have everything they need
Or all my work, all my life
Everything I've sacrificed will
Have been useless.

[Thanks to Justin J, Hilary Klapholz, Ariel for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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