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Ghostlawns (Mike Ladd Remix) Lyrics

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Ghostlawns (Mike Ladd Remix) Lyric

Anti-Pop Consortium Lyrics
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Ghostlawns (Mike Ladd Remix) (tonight, alright)

center the tone into the domain, no main
propane flame or butane to the opening with an offering
It's not often that I wanna but I'm gonna make a point
cause I wanna put the so-and-sos impose on tip toes
spit those hypno-crypto-cryogenic thesis, he's as
nice as watching ballerina's teemless meters reappear
appear a wedding hero, zero tolerence, abolishing wack mc's
please mister politician don't leave us your empty promises
It's obvious you're oblivious but not impervious
and you still will crumble, stay humble, still number one

(tonight, alright)

enslaved by luxury, to me your source of pain is not entertainment

desires and ruined payers transposing the fantasy
enjoy views, but don't listen, it's your frame of reference I discard
audio sport-tech Nuar Abdul Jabbar
fire wire hair dryer in the bathtub, I shock
dixie cup, telephone frail communicate feeble
then waited like dust caps on five watts
tapeworm recorder, a border, gazzelle, gordon cattrell
watch the top granola get rude like junk food
king vitamin on top of the food chain, rugburns
run around the field but never move like a fence
vital vinyl ricital title idle no rival
?tachefloss wear pins? flaccid
inactive, speechless like d*ck in mouth

[M. Sayyid]
wobbly sayyid, slim like a ten speed
these mcs take heed when I project with 300 cc's
past his toll booth past your whole crew
wow, who's that cat who just threw my neck like a quarterback
I want his autograph
females on my d*ck for my phonographs
making moves on the floor like a pornograph
got the mad soul, you can hear the chemistry
E.B. turn up the frequency highhhhh

I buried him in the ???
with the beats or acappella in the streets
we could do it any time

I got ghosts in the lawn
where my foreman thrown on the floor
like scorn you're torn to the barn
I heard the sound and came back to see what was going on
then I turned up the song
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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