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Polish Poem Lyrics

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Polish Poem Lyric

David Lynch/ Chrysta Bell Lyrics
Inland Empire Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Polish Poem I sing this poem to you...
On the other side, I see…
Shall you wait, glowing?
It’s far away, far away from me,
I can see that -
I can see that -
the wind blows outside and I have no breath,
I breathe again and know I’ll have to live
To forget my world is ending.
I have to live…
I hear my heart beat,
Fluttering in pain, saying something,
Tears are coming to my eyes -
I cry…I cry…
I cannot feel the warmth of the sun
I cannot hear the laughter
Choking with every thought,
I see the faces,
My hands are tied as I wish -
But no one comes,
No one comes,
Where are you?
Where are you?
What will make me want to live?
What will make me want to love?
Tell me…tell me…

I sing this poem to you…to you…
Is this mystery unfolding
As a wind floating?
Something is coming true -
The dream of an innocent child…

Something is happening -
Something is happening…
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