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Murder Murder Lyrics

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Murder Murder Lyric

Ghetto Twins Lyrics
I'm Bout It Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Murder Murder Upper level, ghetto twins
Doin this sh*t like true players
Thug players, real players

[Verse One:]

We droppin bombs on you b**ches yeah just like that
We don't show no f**kin love when we stars of the tech
This ain't no act nigga this a fact you gonna bleed
As we proceed to give you what you need
Bustin rounds at our enemies watchin em drop
Bust they back wide open got their body locked
Niggaz wanna test me, check me, wanna come and get me
Get that machete, leave their body wetty
Confetti is how your body goin to get left
b**ch we deadly, if you don't believe dat their
Come come raise the dum dum to the skull
And to niggaz who disbelieve f**k all y'all


It's gonna be a murder murder f**kin wit them b**ches
[repeat 3X]
I say murder murder murder murder,
I say murder murder murder murder

[Verse Two:]

It's gonna be a murder murder f**kin wit them b**ches
We got I ain't grunted niggaz wishes, we vicious
We pullin plugs on them niggaz who is dying slow
Pumpin slugs in them niggaz who just might know
Where the weed at where the keys at
If you don't want no feedback just release that
I think them scared of the violence
f**k the sirens, put that tech to his side and leave him hollerin
Dodgin bullets like an athlete b**ch
You don't feel this, can't nobody check me b**ch
We gonna kill this, niggaz exit ?? so it's on on
Hit the dome with the chrome now you gone gone, gone gone


[Verse Three:]

We got a ?? for them b**ches we gonna ride tonight
Put some ammo in my clip and if we die tonight
There ain't now love in this motherf**kin game ya see
Pumpin slugs in the motherf**kers playin wit me
We be thuggin on the south side
You won't try and get by thats a lie cause i
Pumpin holes in the motherf**kers wannabe G's
Nigga please you don't feel me
All that playa hate I can't tolerate
Neva procrastenate don't make violent
Niggaz would love to see us incarcerate
Pumpin slugs ain't got time to conversate, so get it straight

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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