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You Can't Do That! Lyrics


You Can't Do That! Song Lyrics

Carly: Hey, sorry, we're outta root beer.
Sam: Are you sure there wasn't just one-
Carly: Woah! what are you doing??!!!
Sam: What's the big deal?
Carly: Are you insane?
Sam: Will you relax?
Carly: No! You can't do that!
Freddie: hey th- WOAH! What is she doing?!
Carly: I told her to stop!
Sam: All right! What is I just do... this?
Carly/Freddie: NO!/Woah!!
Sam: Ah, you babies, just play the next song!
[Thanks to Susie for lyrics]

ICarly Lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2008
You Can't Do That! Lyrics by Cast Dialog from ICarly Soundtrack (2008). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)