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Suckish Improv Game Lyrics

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Suckish Improv Game Lyric

Cast Dialog Lyrics
ICarly Soundtrack - TV, 2008
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Suckish Improv Game Freddie: Ok Let`s play an improv game. I start by saying one word, then the next person says a word and we just keep and
going and it turns into a story. Sound fun?
Carly:No really
Spencer: I`m tired
Freddie: Common, just try it.Here, I start, Yesterday
Carly: People
Spencer: Gathered
Sam: In
Freddie: the
Carly: ocean
Spencer: wich
Sam: made
Freddie: them
Carly: wet. Fun game.
Freddie: I`ll play the next song.

[Thanks to Sylvia for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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