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Don't Run Away Lyrics


Don't Run Away Song Lyrics

I got a secret I gotta keep it down
it’s complicated the lies are ragin now
well the burn’s so hot I can’t wish it away
so I fold you in just to make it ok
to my house of cards on fire

Could it be too little too late for you to turn
Is my soul too far gone

don’t runaway, don’t runaway, will you stay
Please don’t hideaway, don’t hideaway from my pain
Love come down To fight the secrets that I hide
Don’t runaway, don’t runaway

I got a secret, I’m underneath it now
The game is over so now I’m climbing out
The Truth’s like water how it washes away
All the burned up lies at the end of the day
But without your peace I’m drowning

Cold and bare,
You should leave me here, you should leave me here
How unfair
That Your love could save my soul, surrounds my soul
And your peace could make me whole

I Am Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010
Don't Run Away Lyrics by Tim Timmons from I Am Soundtrack (2010). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)