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Don't Ever Lyrics

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Don't Ever Lyric

Black Azz Chill Lyrics
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Don't Ever Now you can bet that I will never trust no broad no more
Cos when you think that they're simpin, ain't them rose devils
Now I'ma tell you bout this story bout this broad named Nayhi
and how it all changed me and put that hog in me
And I admit she had me crawled up this
because she looked bomb good and had some bomb ass lips
The homies all used to say "Jimmy, you're fallin in love
like doves, shacked why do we ?? you, we ain't smoke no guns"
You don't return brother's pagers when your homies in deep
And everytime I see you, you got that trick wit you
And it's a shame that I didn't recognise the game
And my homie's not to blame cos every bro's the same
But I done know cos that girl had me Code Red
but I should go, I think that girl, she need a cold pimp
And so I'm quick to drop your daughter right where I got her
Cos I will never put a broad before my partner


Don't ever put that broad before your homeboys
You got to always be that Real McCoy
You got ta be a player (player)
Nuttin but a player (player)
and a money maker (player)
That's all a player (player)
and a heart breaker (player)
That's all a player (player)
and a money maker (player)
That's right a player (player), so real

And don't you hate when a sucker shows his head at G
because the broad is ridin wit him lookin dead at G (Don't ever)
So all my fellas listen upo, I'm givin you game on thangs
You never bother with this street ta put your name on thangs
Cos you never know when a girl decide to split and go-go
So my advice for you to take this when you're out spending dough
And I suppose that most brothers wasn't pimpin before
cos when around those, you down to clown and never ?? (Don't ever)
And it's a bad thang that loose man's give us bad names
cos that's the main thang that make these girls flip their thangs
You see honey wit money, Daisy wit baby
Teisha wit Keisha and Stacey wit Tracy (player)
That's because we ain't got no game no more
And it's a shame we can't maintain our dames no more
But I swear I regulate and operate like a pimp
to keep her hands full of chips and a house full of hemp, yeah

[Chorus x2]

Player! [x10]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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