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Old Man

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Old Man Song Lyrics

How To Be Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Old Man I once knew a man
Been everywhere in the world
Gave me a tiny ivory ball
Said it would bring me good
Never believed it would until
I have been loving you

Dear old man
He'd seen most everything
Gave me a piece of good advice
Said it would do me well
I couldn't really tell until
I have been loving you

Now it seems
Things are not so strange
I can see more clearly
Suddenly I've found my way
I know the old man would laugh
He spoke of love's sweeter days
And in his eloquent way
I think he was speaking of you
You are so lovely
You didn't have to say a thing

But I remember that old man
Telling me he'd seen the light
Gave me a small brown leather book
Insisted that he was right
I only heard him slightly
'Til I heard you whisper
Took you up all in my arms

Dear old man
Wise old man
Fine old man, now
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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